Shilpa Associates

Why Choose Shilpa Associates?

Because we have a very good track record. Within a short span, more than 350 Chimneys (Both straight & Tapered of height upto 150mtrs) and R.C.C. Silos from ID : 12mtr to 18mtr and height +30mtr to +50mtr have been completed.
Quality, Timely completion and client’s satisfaction are the main principles of our company.

THE CHIMNEYIntroduction

Thermal power plants are recognised by the presence of very tall chimney. The purpose of tall chimney is to discharge the flue gas emission at higher level, so that flue gas dispersion takes place in very large area. As the dispersion area increases, the concentration of dust or emission at ground level is less and does not damage to human and vegetation. Size of chimney varies from I.D. 3M to 25M and height 50M to 275M.

THE TOWER, SILO; Introduction

The Tower, Silo are tall R.C.C. circular structures used for storage of Raw material, finish goods, Chemicals in Paper plant, Cement plant, Chemical plant etc. These R.C.C. structures are cost efficient and very durable. The size of Tower, Silo internal dia varies from 10M to 30M and height 15M to 60M. By Slip-form technique these Tower, Silos can be constructed economically and quickly.


In view of recent emphasis on Infrastructure development, large volume of construction work enormous amount of investment and accelerated development as needs at National and International level, mechanisation of construction industry has became a need of the day. Slip-form technique is one of the most productive technique for construction of high rise structures like Chimney, Silos, Towers, Bridge Piers etc. Slip-forming allows concrete to be monolithic or cold joint structure, reducing overall project duration and Manpower. Slip-forming has proved invaluable tool of construction by cutting cost, Man hours and at the same time permitting construction work to proceed with maximum safety. The Slip-form technique is a rapid and economical construction method that can achieve considerable cost saving when compared with the cost of conventional form work.


In Slip-form Technique no scaffolding pipes are required to form working platform around structure. In Slip-form technique working platforms are supported at top of structure by help of Jack Rods, Yoke Legs, Waler, Head Beam etc. In conventional form work shuttering and deshuttering is done at every lift of structure. Involving lot of materials, manpower, time etc. In conventional shuttering speed of work is very slow due to shuttering and deshuttering at every lift. In Slip-form Technique the slip-form shutters are once assembled at Bottom of structure. Slip-form shutter will move on Hydraulic Jacks fitted on Jack Rods. Slip-form structure will be dismantled after completion of full height of structure. Movement of Manpower and materials in Slip-form technique is being done by Mechanical Lift installed in Slip-form. The movement of man and materials are faster and safe than conventional method.


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